Sunday, December 19, 2010

Super Sunday!!

Oh dear ones. What a fantastic day.

Why? Let me count the reasons...


A) The chicks continue to grow. They're about 14-15 days old (per the feed store) and more a delight to watch every day. Let them out today while I worked on the garden (see below) and they discovered the joy of a dirt bath. So Funny! Watching them scratch around while their breasts are buried deep in the ground; then they roll over almost onto their backs while they fluff their feathers. So cute! Here's a picture of them early on...they're MUCH more feathered now! What's not so funny are the pair of hawks which hang around the back yard. Yikes! Look out little chickies!

B) I've started the garden! No pictures of today's accomplishments, but I'll throw in some "eyecandy" of our back yard for my snow-bound friends =) This is image is facing North West. I bartered all of my Tupperware Modular Mates for 66 cinder blocks (some shown here) which will make up my raised garden beds eventually. I was totally thinking of you northerners today when I mused how broccholi and brussel sprouts are in my Phoenix ground. And the peas are up. And there are strawberries and flowers on my front stoop. Neener Neener.

And the best news? I found out yesterday that a shop in downtown Phoenix, in the Art District, is excited to consign my handspun and handknit stuff! WOOTIE WOOT WOOT!! I left them with a handspun, Tunisian crocheted mobius head wrap, a handspun, handwoven face cloth, a felted trinket bowl and a few other items along with a few skeins of handspun! Cross your fingers and say some prayers for me folks. Hopefully this will lead to some extra cash coming in while Jerry's at Seminary and I'm on half income after retiring.

Peace and Excellence to you. Merriest Christmas. Be good to one another!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


1) I am (what's today?) 17 days from absolute completion of my military career. "Oh, please call me Ms., or just Ann..."

2) Inner city Phoenix life is absolutely fabulous. Ask me again in June.

3) Alleys provide fantastic junk for upcycling.

4) People, all people (except for a majority of the drivers) are marvelous.

5) I love my farmer's market. (note to self, cancel AHO subscription - it was bliss while it lasted)

6) Chickens are very cool!

7) Composting is just as cool!

8) I'm hoping to find out if or not gardening is just as cool. Soon. Or it'll just be hot.

9) Homeschooling isn't what I thought it would be. At. All.

10) Domestication is a LOT more work than I banked on. To my husband: I'm sorry for all those years of harassment. Feel free to nag anytime.

11) I continue to knit - that hasn't changed much. Oh, you thought it would?

12) We continue to be blessed! Thank you God. You are our supplier. I can't say thanks enough.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Something I really like. 1.0

Woke up to NPR. Always do. This morning was an interview with Bobby McFerron. He's got a new album out. Vocabularies.

It's stunning. This guy is an enigma with voices.

Here's a taste of his improvisational genius:

Friday, April 9, 2010

I'm Still Alive =)

I have been busy. So life goes....but I have T-Minus 100 work days left until I transition into my final leave from work and retire from the military.

Hopefully then I'll have more time to promote my Handspun on Etsy and keep up with blogging!

Until then...Adieu!

Friday, February 6, 2009

What Can I Do?

I love XM Radio. I especially like POTUS XM130. I've been hearing the buzz about job loss. I'm finally sitting up to really listen; almost 600,000 jobs in January '09 alone. I just got done listening to Obama's speech about the state of the economy and was moved by the reality of how many families are without jobs.

I've been thinking about this quite a bit. I'm blessedly sheltered from the realities of our economy because I'm securely employed by the US Air Force. I have a steady paycheck. I have disposable income (disposable as defined as a couple dinners out, a movie and some Starbucks). I'm also a great believer of the Golden unto others as you'd have them do to you. A Great Believer!

So, I wonder to myself, What Can I Do? I'd be glad to forego a coffee if it means beans and rice for a family. I'd gladly help pay an utility bill if it means keeping the house warm and clothes clean.

But would I be expected to help the same family if their standard of eating is, say, a Sirloin, Napa Valley Wine and Hand-Whipped Butter? Is it my responsibility to pay for an electric bill so the kids can charge their cell phones and MP3 players? Would I be remiss to refuse an auto payment on a second vehicle (for a family out of work) and -oh, by the way- it's an Acura or Lexus?

I guess I'm wondering if families, who are legitimately experiencing the "CRUNCH" of economic hardships, would be unreasonable to not expect the handout which would keep them in their current or even past standard of living...?

Further, would I be out of line to wonder if these same families, legitimately out of work and searching for more work, would -dare I say- maybe sell one of those extra 42" televisions, or cut the cell phone plan to minimum, or even turn off the cable? I mean, $500 for a used TV can buy groceries - sensible, modest, nutritious groceries for a few weeks. Is it unreasonable to think that taxpayers shouldn't have to shoulder an entire household budget for a family that is inflated or extravagent. Yes, I know -I know....extravagent is defined as...? But seriously. What really does a family need to just survive through lean times?

I would help make a car payment. I really would. If that's the only car they own and it's the family vehicle, or it's the car that's needed to drive to job interviews or take the kids to school (where there is no bus service, legitimately so) or other real necessity.

But pay the cell phone bill? I don't think so. Keep the kids in Sketchers? Um, no. That vacation to Taos? ya-right.

Is anyone else asking these questions? Anyone have an MP3 player to sell? I'm buyin'...